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Brand History

The establishment of online B2B [Global Supply of Apparel & Chinese Clothing] in 2010 was mainly involved in clothing manufacturing, exporting, sourcing, ODM and OEM services. Our business offers a combination of design, wholesale, production and professional marketing services. Our currently export markets are Europe, Australia, South East Asia regions.

Having operated for a year plus, via internet and social media marketing, trade feedback has been very encouraging. Our products are favoured by our clients and consumers both at home and aboard with the exquisite design, high quality fabric and competitive price!

Apart from trade inquires from all over the world, there are many end consumers mostly from South East Asia who have contacted us and expressed their interests in buying Chinese Clothing in particularly Qipao or Cheongsam for their own.

[MISSUYA] was then founded in 2011. It began with supply of traditional Chinese Clothing, namely classic Qipao (Cheongsam), modern Qipao, Chinese dress, Chinese Top, Mandarin Coat & Jacket, Tangsuit, and so on.

In September 2011, an internet portal was created to house this brand, and this is the beginning of our very first online clothing boutique, named as “MISSUYA Chinese Clothing Boutique”.

Qipao (Cheongsam) is one of the Chinese traditional costumes, is the typical ethnic costume of harmony of inside and outside. Exquisite design and fashionable, Qipao reflects the femininity, beauty and nature of Oriental women.

Combined with the unique charm and virtuous gentleness of Oriental women, Qipao makes the movements of women graceful and dignified elegance. Like Chinese women's temperament, Qipao is modest and displays women’s inner softness and beauty.

[MISSUYA] reflects exquisite fashion design, virtuous gentleness and dignified elegance of Oriental women. It is named after the Chinese words of 美(měi) 淑(shū) 雅(yǎ), and pronounced as ‘MI-SU-YA’.

Brand Culture

Qipao is a cultural symbol of Chinese women dress; it is an outstanding representative of Chinese clothing culture. It not only conforms to the features of Chinese art of harmony, simultaneously will also have the characteristics of oriental decorative techniques into one. It contains its own unique charm lies in the culture, so it can dominate in the Chinese ethnic clothing and will be long time to flourish.

Chinese clothing has been a symbol of traditional Chinese culture, embarked on a big stage of world culture. It is believed that in the near future, Chinese dress will become the lead of new trend in world clothing culture and will be the focus by the world again.

With the brand content of Chinese cultural inside story and heritage, a different brand idea, [MISSUYA] will distinguish itself and make the brand stand out.

The brand objective of [MISSUYA]  ~ heritage of traditional Chinese culture.

Brand Concept

Product Philosophy:

•           High Quality Best Price (quality products & affordable pricing)

•           Oriental classic yet fashionable

Product Positioning:

Products are mainly focused on consumer groups in particular those with a strong interest in Chinese clothing culture, with the main target group of women 20 to 50 years of age.

Product Style:

Regardless of the choice of fabric, or in the structural design of clothing styles, it always takes into account the aesthetic philosophy and dress needs of Oriental women in order to perfectly embody modern elegance with softness of Oriental women.

[MISSUYA] brand is designed to draw in today's fashion style with integration of the production process of traditional Chinese clothing. It initiates a synchronized fashionable style of Chinese classic and modern fashion, thus provides women with elegance, virtuous gentleness, unique disposition and temperament.

[MISSUYA] is a perfect combination of modern and oriental classic, emphasizing the unique style of classic and fashion, focusing on the modern interpretation of women's taste and personality.

Qipao ~ an oriental classical style yet fashionable!






World Healthcare and Fashionable Hair Brush


WOODY brand was founded in 1995 which sells wooden brushes, wooden combs, wooden mirrors, facial brush, cosmetic brush, natural beauty set, bath kits, toiletry set, cosmetic set, and natural bath products.

Product Philosophy

The manufacture of these brushes is in line with the concept of environmental protection. All the wood material used are derived from reforested timber in Canada and North America. The logging of timber is well planned and is supplemented with replanting and recycling. They are not obtained by deliberate falling of tropical rain forest trees, thus not harmful to nature.

Healthcare function

The head is the supreme command of the whole body. On the basis of medical theories, the hair follicles are linked to the peripheral blood capillaries. Suitable massage improves blood circulation of the head, disperses superfluous blood and reduces blood congestion. Besides helping to prevent blood accumulation in the brain, it can enhance the upward blood-flow. This is beneficial for preventing anemia in the brain, headache and insomnia.

The shape of the pin is uniquely designed for the sole purpose of offering better massaging effect for the head. With added cushioning effect, the head is effectively treated to a thorough massage for better health.









Stationery & Paper Products


"Natural Life" by its name founded in 1998 aimed to project products wihich are made from environmental eart-friendly and recycled papers.

An agenda of saving environment and preserving tradition.










Aromatherapy & Scented Products


Rosary Aromatherapy is the brand founded in 1999 which sells 100% pure essential oils, carrier (base) oils, base cream, massage blends, bath products, herbal products, fragrance oils, potpouri and scented products.









Herbal Tea & Tea Accessories


HerTee brand was founded in year 2001 which sells natural herbs (herbal teas), fruit teas, herbal blend in various packaging, tea accessories such as teapot, warmer, cups, saucers, etc.

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